Member Spotlight: Katie McClaskey

Where are you from: Girard, Kansas

How long have you been showing horses? I’ve shown AQHA since 2007, but the first several years it was 2 or 3 shows a year because of school. I have really started going a lot this year and last year.

How long have you been in Missouri? My trainers and my show horses have all lived in Missouri even though I do not.

What is your favorite horse show? My favorite show is the American Royal. It was my first "big" show and its got some really fun activities plus being close to home.

What is your favorite event to show in? Showmanship is my favorite class to show in. You have to be very precise and clean. My old mare was amazing and taught me to love it.

What is your favorite class to watch? I like to watch any pattern class because I can compare and contrast the goes and hopefully learn something to help me with my riding.

Who is your all-time favorite horse? And why? My current horse, Good Night Zip is my favorite of all time. She is the most talented horse I have ever owned. She has taught me so much about becoming a better rider and is extremely sweet, good minded and pretty!

Do you have any superstitions when you show? I wouldn’t say I have superstitions. I do like to find Dot a four leaf clover to eat. I found several before we left for Congress and gave them to my barn-mates..

Favorite fun class at a horse show?  Egg and spoon as long as Patty didn't boil the eggs.

If you are not at a horse show, what would we find you doing? If i’m not at a horse show I'm at work.

Do you have another job…besides taking care of your horses? I’m a veterinarian at a mixed animal practice.

Favorite hobby besides showing horses? My favorite hobby is probably reading. I took several new books to read at Congress.

Favorite food? Mexican is my favorite food.

Favorite restaurant? This little Italian place called Josies is my favorite restaurant. Its out in the middle of nowhere but amazing.

Favorite movie? Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite movie series. I love Johnny Depp!

What is your dream vacation? Scuba diving over the Great Barrier reef in Australia is my dream vacation.

What is something you are terrible at but love to do anyway? I am horrible at singing but I sing along with the radio really loud to drown me out.

What is one of the things on your bucket list? Winning a class where you get a neck ribbon is on the top of my bucket list.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you? Most people don’t know I also raise show lambs and we had the Grand Champion lamb at the fair last summer. 

Describe yourself in three words: Three words is hard.  Dedicated, driven and analytical.