Member Spotlight: Tracy Bazoian

Where are you from?  Kirkwood, Missouri

How long have you been showing horses?  I started running barrels locally in high school. 

How long have you been in Missouri?  All my life except for 4 great years at Oklahoma State in Stillwater, OK.

What is your favorite horse show?  For showing I like The March To The Arch.  It is close to home, it is so festive and I love that there is a greater purpose.  It is a reminder of how blessed we are to be healthy and able to participate in this wonderful passion we have for our quarter horses.  With or without a horse.... Congress.   It is like going to Vegas.... you never know what time it is and it is so Shiny!!

What is your favorite class to show in?  I love showing halter because I love looking at my beautiful Shirley.... BUT Trail is oh so much fun!   You need to ride in the moment and put any trouble you have in the pattern in the past and do the next obstacle better. Trail  Reminds me of golf.  When the bad hole is over let it go and make a hole in one on the next one!

What is your favorite class to watch?  Cutting.... the good horses are so smart.....

Who is your all-time favorite horse and why?  I have had talented horses over the years but I must say my current horse, Ima Good Invitation aka Shirley is my favorite.  All of my earlier horses had some of her traits but Shirley is the total package .  She has the best disposition of any horse I have or will ever be around.  She was sent from heaven above.  AQHA's Americas Horse magazine did an article about her in January of 2017...."Angel Horse".   She has blessed 3 women who have lost their sons and I know her purpose is unconditional equine love.

If you are not at a horse show, what would we find you doing?  Playing golf, gardening, hanging out at the barn or spending time  with my husband Scott and daughter Casey.

Do you have another job besides taking care of your horses?  Been there done that.  I am fortunate that my main job is wife, mother, sister and friend.

What is your favorite food?  Peach pie

What is your favorite restaurant?  My favorite horse show restaurant is Cattleman's in OKC.   It has not changed since it opened a million years ago and I am always with horse friends when I am there.   In St Louis it is Annie Gunn's, always delish and you can wear your cowboy boots.

What is your favorite fun class at a horse show?  Egg and Spoon

What is your favorite movie?  Seabiscuit ....    it's got everything a horse movie could want.... 

What is your dream vacation?  I went on an Alaska was Colorado on Steroids....  I would go on that one again!

What is something most people don't know about you?  I ran for Rodeo Queen in sorority sisters made me do it!

If there is anything else you would like to share, please tell?  The MQHA was the kindest most compassionate group of people when My son Matt had his accident and passed away.  You all helped our family keep moving forward and were all so generous with your support.  We can never repay all of the small kindnesses that have been shown over the years. Horse people are the best.... especially this group️.