Youth Spotlight: Gracie Couch


In St. Joseph Missouri, you can find 15- year-old, Gracie Couch. Something you should know about her is that Gracie loves all kinds of music! She loves to sing and dance to everything! When she grows up, Gracie would like to be an equine veterinarian. Gracie got into riding horses because of the love and passion she has for horses 5 years ago. For two years, she has ridden and shown Wind Her Up Peppy, better known as “Friday”. Her favorite part of Friday is his fun personality, making riding so much more enjoyable! As for the horse shows, while she could do without the stress, she loves being able to spend time with her horse Friday and showing him off to the judges!


While Gracie has had so many great memories with horses, her top pick would be showing at the AQHYA Youth World Show last year. It was Gracie’s first time ever showing there and it was truly an exposure she will never forget! As far as accomplishments, Gracie and Friday have not had a limited experience! Her horse, Friday, taught her reining. With lots of hard work and practice, they were Kansas high point winners and South Missouri high point winners last year! She couldn’t have done any of this without her horse who has been a calm, and great teacher!


Because they do require so much effort, Gracie doesn’t do much outside of horses. But when she gets the free chance, she enjoys shopping and listening to music with her friends. Her favorite memory has been going to see Russ in concert! And while Gracie enjoys the relaxing hobbies, she gets hard to work in school, even keeping an A average!


While horses are fun and exciting, Gracie agrees it could not be done without her biggest supporters, her mom and dad. They support her horse showing 100%, emotionally and financially! She is so grateful for her parents and their love and support! In the next 10 years, Gracie is most looking forward to getting her drivers license, graduating high school, starting college, and most of all, amplifying her knowledge with Friday to continue growing in and out of the show pen! Thank you Gracie for being such an amazing part of the Missouri Quarter Horse Youth Association and keep reaching out to amplify!

Thank you Gracie for being such an amazing part of the Missouri Quarter Horse Youth Association and keep reaching out to amplify! 

Gracie Couch and horse, Friday.