Member Spotlight: Mary "Bluhm" Holsten

Where are you from?
Sedalia, Missouri

How long have you been showing horses?  19 years!  First, I showed in 4-H (with some not so broke horses), & then, I began showing AQHA diligently in 2006.

How long have you been in Missouri?  All 28 years of my life!

What is your favorite horse show?  EVERY SHOW!  I feel fortunate to continue doing what I love!....I do enjoy long shows with multiple judges.  I like to get away from the real world & live the fantasy life of not having responsibilities & enjoying horses 24/7!  I also like having free time to venture away from the show to shop & see the sites with my family....I would like to thank MQHA & the people that work hard to put on shows.  I appreciate you continuing to provide exhibitors with quality shows in our state!

What is your favorite class to show in?  Showmanship!  I enjoy the connection that is formed with a horse, & I like teaching the babies, like my current partner in crime, “Crickets” Dun It Too!  

What is your favorite class to watch
Working Cow Horse!  I love watching them turn the steer on the wall.

Who is your all-time favorite horse and why?  Of course there are TONS of nice, famous horses, but I’m choosing a favorite horse based on the connection that I had with him.  Henry (a.k.a. Chex Made Me A Star) would be an obvious choice, but I’m going to go with my boy Teas “Tader” Tot, who never really got his time to shine.  From the moment he came out of his mama, it was love at first sight. Tader was like the little engine that could. He did showmanship, ranch riding, work cows, rope (with my husband), trail ride, go over little jumps, and pretty much anything that I asked of him!  We trusted each other & had such a strong bond. As a four year old, we ventured out to the Ranch Riding, and Tader became the first horse that I had raised, trained, & qualified for the World Show on my own. Unfortunately, his life was short lived. After surgery to remove a bone chip, he came home & went straight back to the vet.  He died from colic impaction. Most people wouldn’t have given such a plain, Jane, little bay a second look, but for me, Tader was everything that I could have ever wanted.

If you are not at a horse show, what would we find you doing?  Anything with my husband Russell!  We check cows, work babies (horses), condition horses, scoop poop, target practice, fish, & eat YUMMY BBQ (that Russell grills)!  Of course, during the school year, I’m grading papers & making lesson plans.

Do you have another job besides taking care of your horses?  Teaching!  Currently, I’m teaching 4th grade math....Yes!  I’m a math nerd & actually find it enjoyable!

What is your favorite food?  MEAT….Particularly fresh beef, pork, or chicken!

What is your favorite restaurant?  ANYTHING BBQ!....but Russell spoils me, so I’d rather eat at home!

What is your favorite fun class at a horse show?  Blind Horsemanship (60ish seconds to read a pattern & you can’t watch anybody before you do it)

What is your favorite movie?  The Cowboy Way

What is your dream vacation?   My dream vacation would be somewhere that my husband could go hunting during the day while I enjoy the spa.  The vacation spot would also have a private hot spring! If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

What is something most people don't know about you?  I can sing! I earned a 1-rating at State on my vocal solo.  Also, many people know that I like to dance, but most don’t know that I danced in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

If there is anything else you would like to share, please tell us!  My mama & husband make my horse show world go around.  They help me get everything ready, drive me to the shows, & “babysit” me while I’m there.  I also wouldn’t have my girl Cricket, & other projects, if it weren’t for Russell. We joke about me “stealing” his things: truck, saddle, horse.  I couldn’t do it without their love & support! Thank you!