Youth Spotlight: Wayland R. Ruble

Written by reporter Hannah Inchiostro


Probably riding his four-wheeler around the farm in Annapolis Missouri is where you would find 12-year-old, Wayland Ruble. Wayland loves riding around on his four-wheeler, hunting, and fishing. He has two brothers and they always have fun playing jokes on each other! Being only 12, he is keeping an open mind about what he wants to do in the future. Even more exciting is that this is Wayland’s first year showing! After his Aunt Patti asked him to, he began riding and is loving every minute of it! Wayland is currently showing HR Elusive Secret, better recognized as EZ who is loved for his manners. While it has only been a short time, Wayland has loved everything about the shows and the horse experience!


Wayland is a hard worker and loves showing. Due to his outstanding performance, Wayland’s greatest accomplishment has been winning Grands! With lots of more hard work and determination, he will have many more accomplishments and make many everlasting memories! Not only is he a champion in the pen, he also has had many successes in school such as making the honor roll in school!


Wayland’s biggest support system is his family, specifically his mom, dad, and Aunt Patti. Without them, he would not be able to experience the things he has this year! Thank you, Wayland, for being our August Spotlight and good luck as you experience all the new memories and achievements that horses bring. Keep reaching out to amplify!