MQHYA Spotlight: Emilee Block

Written by Hannah Inchiostro


For the first month of Spring, we are springing our spotlight onto Miss Emilee Block of Reeds Missouri. Emilee is 17 years old and has been riding horses since she was only 7 years old. The horse addiction started when she rode a pony at a birthday party. Ever since, her parents haven’t been able to keep her off! Emilee not only enjoys the riding, but also explores many other aspects the equine industry has to offer. She competitively judges horses on a team as well as actively participating in her local 4-H club.

Emilee Block 1.jpg


Currently, Emilee has two AQHA registered horses, CS Squealin To Roan and Circle Bar Sugar Fly. CS Squealin to Roan is her barrel horse whom she has owned for a little over a year. Circle Bar Sugar Fly is a young filly that Emilee received through the AQHA Young Horse Development program in the Fall of 2017.  Emilee absolutely adores all of their little quirks which always makes it an interesting day at the barn. And when she’s not at the barn, she is at school where she made the Dean’s list to be dual enrolled at a local college!

Emilee Block 2.jpg


Favorite Horse Memory

Emilee’s favorite memory would have to be when she won her first belt buckle with her pole bending horse back in 2015.

Favorite Non Horse Memory

Spending time helping her dad with the cattle on the farm was one of Emilee’s most memorable experiences.


Most likely with the farm bureau, Emilee hopes to be an insurance agent. She looks forward to receiving her Bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech, as well as her accomplishments in her career.

Her biggest supporters go to her parents, as they push her to be the best at whatever she does, whether it be horses, school, etc.


●         The farthest Emilee has traveled with horses is to Texas, and with just as a family vacation she’s gone to Nevada.

●         Going to horse shows, Emilee really enjoys the friendly atmosphere and the nice people that come with showing!